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Steve Craver

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Steve Craver

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Steve enjoy’s helping people discover who they are, where they are personally and professionally, and what they are best suited to do in life. This is not just a job to me; he has made it his life’s purpose. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than seeing others realize their potential.

Steve has worked within a number of different industries throughout his career, almost always in sales and management. His focus for the last several years, since he founded Communicate to Connect, has been almost exclusively on the financial industry. That has enabled him to gain a great deal of perspective about the challenges and opportunities facing financial firms and their leaders.

He has coached, trained and spoken to thousands of executives, teams and corporate staff, including CEOs, CFOs, top producers, and talent on the rise, in many of the world’s largest and most successful financial firms. His primary geographical reach is the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Clients tell him he is a good listener, strategic thinker, confidence builder, encourager and communicator.

He help people get results because he believe two things are fundamental to success in business and life in general— process and communication. Process is at the core of everything in life and effective communication is crucial to success at anything. Nail those two and you stand a good chance of achieving your dreams and objectives.

Specialties: communications, team development, sales training, leader and managerial development, executive coaching, business strategies, life planning, one-on-one coaching, career development, group training and motivational speaking.