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We Help Seniors Celebrate Life

At LifeCenters, we create places where people can connect and thrive in an environment that reflects the essence of home. LifeCenters creates environments where our loved ones find comfort and inspiration for a continued productive life.

Successful senior communities have broken from the cold hospital environment, to a warm sense of home. Most operators have refined that with excellence, creating resort-style living. LifeCenters has a broader vision: incorporate health, wellness and healing alliances within a Master Planned Community. Staying connected to community encourages residents to feel like an integral part of their beautiful surroundings. This will produce healthier, happier and longer lives.

Shared tenants within a Master Plan Community shall include Medical Office focused on geriatric medicine, rehab care and treatment, wellness center, proper alliance with local hospitals, pharmacy needs and educational needs. All for better health methods and practices to incorporate family members into their daily lives. Our loved ones are living longer and retiring much later than past generations. They seek a community that promotes true community-style hospitality, rich architectural design, and provides an environment that supports a continued productive life style.