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C.W. Yong

Structural Engineer



C. W. Yong is a structural engineer with 15 years of structural engineering experience and a managing member with Genesis Engineering Group, LLC, a full service engineering firm located in Tennessee, Florida, and Texas. With Mr. Yong’s combination of creativity and strong analysis background, he is known to create cost effective, efficient systems for complex challenges, as well as, merging historic and new structures. Clients trust his ability to integrate the architectural and structural concepts.

In December 2013, C. W. Yong authored Standing Tall, Dynamic Analysis of Existing Structure responding to Ground Motion induced by Blasting, about testing, analysis, and possible destruction to a historical chimney while development took place of the site. The chimney still stands today as a testimony to Mr. Yong’s careful analysis and dedication to a challenge. Among his projects were Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village, Emerald Breeze Hotel, Geographic Solutions Corporate Headquarters, and Shephard Hotel Replacement where they provided full service MEP, FP and structural engineering for the replacement of the Shephard’s Hotel facility on Clearwater Beach, Florida.