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LifeCenters Development Group; Sustained Superior Performance Runs in the Family

Chief of Staff’s Military Son is Finalist for Sailor of the Year, Atlantic Fleet/Aviation



LifeCenters Development Group’s Chief of Staff, Jim Britt, spent over 12 years in the US Navy as a Deep Sea Diver, leaving military service as a Chief Petty Officer. His son, Eric Britt, has been serving in the navy for the last 10 years and has earned the high honor of being named Sailor of the Year (SOY) at his command. Eric was then selected from among over 44,000 military personnel from 190 commands as one of 6 finalists for SOY of the Atlantic Fleet, in the seagoing aviation community.

Since joining the navy in 2006 he has trained for and become an expert in Aviation Electronics (AE). Today 1st Class Petty Officer Eric Britt has oversight of maintenance on MH-60 Knighthawk helicopters at Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 26 (HSC-26) in Norfolk, Virginia. The Knighthawks are the Navy’s version of the Army’s “Black Hawk” and are used in support of combat operations and fleet support services around the world.

While Petty Officer Britt was not ultimately selected as the SOY for the Atlantic Fleet the distinction of being a finalist reflects the commitment to excellence he displays every day; the navy calls that, “sustained superior performance.” Only 1 in 7500 sailors qualify for this honor and it is an accomplishment that will follow him for the remainder of his career.

During the ceremony Eric was awarded the Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal by Admiral Bruce Lindsey, Commander of Naval Air Atlantic Forces. The medal is earned when an individual distinguishes himself by heroic or meritorious achievement or service. To merit this award, the acts or services must be accomplished or performed in a manner above that normally expected and sufficient to distinguish the individual above those performing similar services.

LifeCenters salutes AE1(AW) Eric Britt and extends a well-deserved “Thank You” for his exemplary service to our country. Sustained superior performance is something the LifeCenters team is well familiar with and it seems to run in the family.

Why Medical Office, Seniors Housing Go Hand-in-Hand

By Mary Kate Nelson | January 30, 2017

Article as it appears in Medical Office News

Real estate-wise, senior housing and medical office buildings go hand-in-hand.

That’s the philosophy, at least, behind new real estate development company LifeCenters Development Group.

The Franklin, Tennessee-based company plans to develop both senior housing communities and medical office buildings throughout the southeastern United States—often on the same or neighboring parcels of land, CEO Jeff Tallman tells Medical Office News. This approach, he believes, will help LifeCenters Development stand out amongst senior housing competition and more effectively turn a profit.

“I think it’s a unique approach,” says Tallman, who has more than 30 years of land development experience under his belt. “There are only a few [senior housing owners] in the country that have a similar approach.”

LifeCenters Development sets out to purchase more land than it needs for a typical independent living, assisted living or memory care community, he explains. In addition to medical office buildings, LifeCenters envisions building various commercial interests on the extra land—think coffee shops, restaurants or parks—that would better the lives of the senior housing residents living nearby.

Ultimately, this strategy can lead to a margin of profit if or when LifeCenters opts to sell off the extra land.

“Our vision isn’t simply to buy more land then sell it, but to buy more land, improve it in a way that contributes to the quality of life of the seniors who live there, then sell it,” LifeCenters Chief of Staff Jim Britt tells Medical Office News.

LifeCenters Development Group has yet to build any properties so far, but a combination senior housing-medical office building project in Huntsville, Alabama, as well as a project in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, are slated to begin construction within the year. LifeCenters has partnered with Louisville, Kentucky-based DMK Development Group on the projects, which, together, total more than $70 million.

A ‘Natural Progression’

Though the stability of the senior housing industry originally attracted Tallman to enter into senior housing real estate, he feels that the medical office sector “has really come into its own.” Tenant stability plays a big role in his mindset.

“When doctors move in they don’t like to move out,” Tallman says. “It creates a sense of alignment.”

Additionally, though it remains to be seen how many other senior housing owners eventually follow in LifeCenters’ lead, Tallman believes the evolution from owning senior housing communities to also owning medical office buildings is pretty logical.

“Medical office is just kind of a natural progression,” he says.

LifeCenters Development Group Is Forming A “Super Bowl” Team To Help Build Senior Housing

LifeCenters Development Group is pleased to announce the hiring of two new team members, Jim Britt and Kori Tallman. CEO Jeff Tallman, “We are building a ‘Super Bowl’ team to move us into 2017 and beyond. These two add immeasurable value to our organization.”

Jim Britt serves as LifeCenters Chief of Staff providing project management and administrative oversight for our entitlement processes and construction projects. Jim was an Assisted Living Director in Texas then an Executive Director of an Assisted Living community in Nashville. He was awarded by the Governor of the State of Tennessee for his work with seniors while in that role.

He served for over 12 years in the US Navy as a Navy Deep Sea Diver. Jim left the military as a Chief Petty Officer and made his way to Belize, Central America where he and his wife (also a Navy Diver) founded a jungle resort which they ran for 9 years before selling.

Jim is married to his wife, Jacquelyn, for over 21 years and has 6 children and 3 grandchildren. His son Eric, is serving in the US Navy in Norfolk, VA.

Kori Tallman truly “Lives on Purpose” and engages her natural talent for developing strong relationships to oversee Investor Relations for LifeCenters. Kori possesses the discipline and tenacity to be an invaluable asset for the LifeCenters team. There is a core foundation to Investor Relations: “Know you, Like You and Trust You” – it doesn’t take long for anyone that meets Kori to quickly set that as the standard on their relationship.

Her previous career was built on trust and going the distance. The result- saving lives throughout the United States in the Behavioral Health and substance abuse industry. Her responsibilities included business development, managing logistics, collecting payments, and most importantly giving people in need someone they can turn to and trust in their times of need.

Kori is a proud mother of 3 children, 2 grown and an 8 year old daughter named Makayla. Her oldest daughter Carissa is expecting her first twin granddaughters this April; her son Dylan is serving our country in the US Army.

As LifeCenters carries out its mandate to help “Change the way Seniors Live Life” they are better equipped to do so with these solid additions to their team.

LifeCenters Development Group; Getting Out in Front of the Curve on Senior Housing

Last week, memory care professionals from around the United States converged on Orlando, Florida for the 5th Annual Memory Care Summit. The conference is organized by The UMBC Management of Aging Services and this year’s theme was focusing on the experience that people are having in memory care facilities. Their goal; identify ways to “Create an Experience” that helps improve the lives of the residents who live there, their families and even the employees who care for them.

Jeff Tallman is the CEO of LifeCenters Development Group in Franklin, TN and he and his team attended the conference seeking insight. “I was surprised to see that the first speaker was a teacher from the Disney Institute, Mark Matheis. Mark started at the ground level with how we hire, how we train and the culture we set for our employees. The conference was held at a Disney Resort but I hadn’t thought about how their experience would transfer over to our industry.”

Tallman explained that Disney starts from Day One establishing the culture of the workplace and as they show their genuine care and respect for their “cast members” (employees) those efforts are inherently passed on to their customers. He sees a direct correlation to the efforts of the entertainment giant and the entire field of senior care. “If you are running an Assisted Living community your customers are the people who live there and their families. Extending that same level of focus to your employees might not be the industry norm but those actions directly contribute to the quality of life provided for the residents.”

Other sessions at the conference included, The Future of Financing Memory Care, How to Measure Impact (Resident Satisfaction), interviews with families who are dealing with Alzheimer’s and more.

Jeff said he thought it was crucial that his team attended the conference to help stay on top of industry trends. “LifeCenters brings people together to create amazing communities focused on helping seniors change the way they live life. We find the land, work with investors, community operators, builders and others to create places where people can connect and thrive in a place that feels like home. Our vision is for the residents to be surrounded by the energy and opportunities available just off campus. We buy more land than we need and include other uses such as a Medical Office Building, a restaurant or a coffee shop. This allows the people in Assisted and Independent Living to have something else to do nearby.”

I commented that this seems like a new concept and I hadn’t seen this model before. Jeff replied, “The way we care for seniors now won’t be the way we do it in just a few years. It’s up to us to anticipate those demands and be ready with beautiful communities where people can engage and thrive. Our team consists of accomplished property developers, brilliant analytic minds, Executive Directors of Assisted Living communities and people whose sole task it is to take care of our investors. We are on the leading edge of this industry and coming to conferences like this is a part of helping us stay that way.” Tallman went on to say, “Dr. Ronch and The Erickson School put this conference on every year, they help all of us stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible care to the people who live at our communities. We are grateful to them.”

Taking care of an ever increasing senior population is a task that many experts think we are behind the curve on, it is encouraging to see a large group of professionals working hard on being out in front of those challenges.

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